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Your Wedding Centerpieces

Your wedding centerpieces are a pivotal element that narrate the story of your day and reflect the theme and ambiance of your venue. They are an essential aspect of every wedding and a significant choice in establishing your theme. The following ideas will assist you in selecting the ideal centerpieces for your enchanted celebration.

Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Flowers are a staple at nearly every wedding, infusing the event with color, life, and a sense of the season. No matter what style of centerpiece you opt for, floral elements are likely to play a key role in enhancing your table settings and filling the venue with romance. Flowers are not only romantic and expressive, but they also bring a vibrant energy to the room and help define your space. The choice of flowers for your centerpieces can significantly alter the ambiance of your venue.

Candelabra Wedding Centerpieces

Candelabras are sophisticated and striking additions to any table setting. Their height, color, and finish can introduce elegance, texture, and dimension to your wedding decor. Even a simple change in color or finish can dramatically transform your theme. For instance, gold and silver candelabras evoke the opulence of European decor, while crystal or acrylic options offer a sleek, modern look, creating a dazzling effect of floating flowers when paired with floral arrangements. The height of the candelabras plays a crucial role in the impact they have on the space. Additionally, these centerpieces can be adorned with feathers, pearls, and votive candles, making them a highly versatile choice for your wedding decor.

Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

Lanterns as wedding centerpieces can vary widely, capturing anything from a rustic to an elegant aesthetic. Based on their style, color, and finish, lanterns can complement themes ranging from French country to vintage chic. A softly flickering candle placed within each lantern brings a romantic glow to your tables. These centerpieces can be enhanced with surrounding flowers or stand alone for a simpler look. The size of the lantern also plays a key role, determining whether it serves as the focal point of the table or a subtle accent.

Vase Wedding Centerpieces

Vases are a favored choice for wedding centerpieces due to their versatility and impact. Incorporating a vase on a table can significantly influence the style, mood, and theme of the space. Tall, clear vases, for example, can be filled with water to float candles or packed with seasonal flowers to add a natural element. Vase centerpieces come in various sizes to suit different spaces and purposes, whether they stand alone or complement other table décor. These elements offer a flexible way to enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding tables.

Wedding Centerpieces at Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala is an all-inclusive wedding venue that specializes in crafting fairy tale weddings, complete with distinctive wedding centerpieces tailored to your theme. Consult with our professional design team to coordinate the elements of your table settings, choosing from our extensive selection of napkins, linens, overlays, runners, chargers, and diverse centerpiece options. Our range includes elegant candelabras, vintage manzanita trees, tall floating candles, stunning lanterns, and expansive floral arrangements that infuse your celebration with the essence of romance.

Reach out to Crystal Ballroom Ocala today to schedule your VIP tour and select the perfect wedding centerpieces for your special day.


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