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The Night Before the Wedding

The Night Before the Wedding and Traditions

The night before the wedding will be filled with exciting and nervous moments of anticipation. When you are just hours away from the big day, your mind will flood with thoughts. While carefully following all the traditions that matter, these tips will help you get through the night before the wedding.

Don’t Peek

From the moment you picked out your wedding dress, you might have been trying to keep it a little secret from the groom. According to tradition, it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride or her wedding dress before the wedding day. Not every couple adheres to this little rule, but for those that do, they will be sleeping in separate locations and sneaking around in a playful effort to avoid setting eyes on one another the night before the wedding.

A Little About Tradition

The tradition of not seeing each other prior to marriage goes back to old customs and cultures where women covered their heads and the brides were veiled until marriage. Most of us can remember an old biblical story where Jacob served seven years in a field to marry Rachel, but on the wedding day, the father gave his older daughter in marriage instead. It is a good thing that things have changed, but the tradition makes for a fun game. Some couples take advantage of a first look right before the ceremony. Whether you are observing this tradition or not, there are some things to do the night before the wedding.

The Night Before the Wedding

The Night Before the Wedding is About You

Take the night before the wedding to yourself. Relax and rest for the day to come. Eat well and plan a full eight hours of sleep. Before you head to bed, go over your checklist of things to pack. Practice walking in your shoes. If you get nervous and anxious, read a book or watch a movie. Do not get overwhelmed or overthink the day ahead. It is completely natural to get nervous. The night before the wedding is the last night being single. Take the time for yourself. Pamper yourself. If you choose to spend the night with friends or family, enjoy the time together and make it memorable. One of the most important things to accomplish the night before the wedding is to write a sweet message to slip to your significant other before the ceremony.

The Big Day

This is the big day and the moment you have waited for a lifetime. You should contact your wedding party and review the timeline and pick up locations. Contact your transportation service to confirm arrival times and locations. Follow the timeline and itinerary for hair and makeup, dressing and arrival at the wedding venue. You should plan to arrive about two hours prior to your event. Check with your venue, because some venues will not allow you to arrive sooner than two hours prior. Locate your VIP suite at the venue and complete the finishing touches. If you are planning a first look or a big reveal, bring the photographer and videographer along to capture the moment. If you are holding to the traditions, you can stand on the other side of a door and pass your love notes to one another.

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