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Tips and Ideas for a Luxury Wedding

In a world where the budget controls most things, and a luxury wedding is a dream, we have these tips to create the dream on your budget. Luxury is not about money. It is about creating an experience. If it was not about a dream, getting married is just a license fee and a valid form of identification away. A luxury wedding is an experience. How do you create the luxury wedding experience on a budget?

Begin with the Wedding Venue

Begin with the venue. The venue will dictate the style of your wedding, influence the wedding date and determine how much you have in your budget to spend on the rest. Before choosing your wedding venue, think about your guest list. You will need a guest count to match the capacity of the room. Choose a location that has nearby accommodations for guests. In the process of accommodating your guests, remember that the wedding venue is about your luxury experience. Sacrifice nothing and spend less with an all-inclusive wedding venue that can create the dream just the way you envision it.

Luxury Wedding Rentals

You will need to consider rentals and a professional event designer, if you are attempting to pull off a luxury wedding experience. If you do not have an event designer and you want to save on the furnishings and décor, choose an all-inclusive venue. An all-inclusive wedding venue that provides professional design services, décor and furnishings can save you thousands on your wedding day.

Flowers are Part of the Experience

Flowers have been part of weddings since the beginning of weddings, and are an important element of your wedding day. Do your research. Find your inspiration on social media, wedding blogs and magazines. The best place to find inspiration is on a tour of a wedding venue. Venues are usually staged for your arrival, giving you the perfect opportunity to envision the possibilities for your magical day. Choose a florist that can work with your budget. Silk flowers can provide an affordable advantage over live flowers. Wedding venues that include décor and design services offer floral arrangements with the décor. Be creative with how you design the space. Floral runners on reception tables can fill the space and add elements of your theme to the table.

Day of Event Coordinator

How do you create a luxury wedding experience? Remember it is an experience. It is all about designs and staging, but it is also about how everything comes together on your wedding day with timing and services. Invest in an event coordinator. An event coordinator will organize the day of event and some of the details leading up to the event. If you cannot afford a wedding planner for all the details, guarantee you have the event you dreamed of with a day of event coordinator.

An Unforgettable Luxury Wedding

Create an experience you can remember. Wedding photography and videography are equally important to capturing the moment. Both can be expensive, depending on the experience and skill level. If you are creating the dream, there is no doubt that you want to capture the memory of it and keep it forever with the best quality of work. While this is not an area to skimp on, there are tricks to having the quality your moments deserve for less. You can receive better rates when working through the wedding venue. You can also receive better rates with packages by using one photographer for your wedding day and other events, such as the engagement photos and rehearsal dinner. Using the same photographer for photography and video packages can also score some extra savings with a bundle.

Planning the Ceremony

The ceremony is the event. While we focus on colors, theme and designs, the ceremony is the reason for everything. Everything from the way you walk down the aisle to the rituals you include will be part of making those moments significant and unique. We plan every detail of our wedding day, but the officiant is usually only thought of as a legality, rather than a main component of the fairy tale. The officiant will create the experience and set the tone for your ceremony. Develop a relationship with an officiant that can create your vision with all of your unique traditions. If your budget allows, having live music during your ceremony will create a powerful impact.

Fine Dining for a Luxury Wedding

The dining experience will be remembered forever. Choose a caterer that can create a fine dining experience for your luxury wedding. Consider taste, presentation and service. Do not hold your event at the kitchen, bring the fine dining experience to a luxurious venue that has connections with the finest in their industry.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Create a luxury wedding experience at Crystal Ballroom Ocala. Every wedding package at this elegant wedding venue includes a professional designer, furnishings and décor to create the unforgettable experience you seek to create. This unique destination wedding venue collaborates with local vendors to meet all of your needs beyond the all-inclusive wedding packages. Plan your destination wedding with Crystal Ballroom and create the luxury wedding of your dreams.

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