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Things to Do During Your Engagement


Congratulations! You just got engaged to your twin flame and are probably wondering where to begin with planning. Before things get crazy, there are few things every couple should do after getting engaged. This short list should help you stay focused and on a timeline during your engagement to plan what is to come.

Enjoy the Moment

After getting engaged, the first impulse is to blast social media with pics of the ring and shout out the big news to family and friends. The excitement can be overwhelming, but wait. Once you start announcing the news, the pressure will start to build. Friends and family will call and text. Everyone will have questions and conversations about everything form ideas to questions about whether they will be in your wedding party. Immediately following the intimate moment, just relax and enjoy the time with the one you love. Take a little time to

celebrate quietly and enjoy the moment.

Announce Your Engagement

Once you have taken time to enjoy the moment together, it is time to make a few announcements in the correct order. Make your family feel special by telling them first, beginning with parents and the most inner circle. They will not want to discover the news on the internet or from a rumor. Then, make some calls to close friends to make them feel important. Afterwards, let all the excitement flow and blast the pictures on social media for all to see.

Size the Ring

Most engagements are a surprise, and the size of the ring is often a guess. If the ring is not a perfect fit, now is the time to visit a jeweler. The jeweler that sold the ring will usually size it free of charge. Do not take a chance of losing a ring that does not fit properly. It is also a good time to consider insuring the ring.

The Engagement Party

The bride’s parents host the engagement party by the rules of tradition. As traditions, roles and circumstances change over time, we find more and more couples throwing their own engagement party. Some couples have more than one engagement party. When parents are divorced, couples might attend separate parties. Couples might also choose to celebrate with friends and coworkers separately. This important event is usually planned to take place within two months after the engagement. When planning a long engagement, it is okay to delay the celebration.


Pick Your Wedding Party and Count Guests

As soon as you announce your engagement, it is time to begin the process of putting together the team that will stand with you on your special day and during all the important moments leading up to the big event. Be prepared for disappointed friends. This might not be so obvious, but it will never be avoided. If you formed your team without some special people, make sure you express how valuable your relationship is with them, and how you wish you could have all your special people by your side. Explain that you had to limit your decision to a certain few, and explain that you reserved special functions in the wedding for them. This is also the time to create a guest count for your wedding day. You will need to know how many people will be attending when you choose your venue and calculate the cost of catering.

Plan an Engagement Timeline

One of the most essential elements of wedding planning is the engagement timeline. The where, when and how that everything will come together leading up to your perfect moment requires a master plan. Most couples start planning about one year prior to their wedding date. Save your magical date and plan a timeline of special events that will occur between now and then, such as choosing a venue, shopping for the dress and wedding attire, choosing your vendors, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner.

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Get Inspiration

As soon as you get engaged, do not waste time gaining inspiration for your wedding day. It is never too early to daydream. Scroll through social media and blogs. Flip through wedding magazines. Attend bridal shows. Imagine the colors for your wedding day. Think about your theme. This is the time to get creative. One of the best ways to gain inspiration is to tour an all-inclusive wedding venue. It is an opportunity to meet with designers and discuss décor for your wedding day.

Take Engagement Photos

Before you get too far into the wedding planning, take your engagement photographs. You will remember and cherish this event forever. The photographs can be included with invitations, and can be displayed on a large canvas at the entrance of the venue on your wedding day. Take the time to find a professional photographer with the artistic style that matches your vision. Wedding venues usually have connections with preferred vendors to help you make connections with a professional photographer. The same photographer will probably be able to cover your wedding.

Gabriel Photobook Engagement Photo

Book Your Wedding Venue

Book your wedding venue early. Immediately following the engagement and somewhere in the process of gaining inspiration, tour a wedding venue. Find a destination wedding location with all the elegance to create your dream and the availability to accommodate your magical date. Waiting to book a venue can result in your date not being available.

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