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The Micro Weddings Trend

The micro weddings trend is booming for many reasons. Some couples are chasing the fairy tale with a smaller crowd in mind. Whether it is an intimate ceremony today with a big bash tomorrow or all about budgeting for the smaller details that you cannot imagine with a 150 guest count, micro weddings are in.

What and Why of Micro Weddings

Micro weddings are smaller weddings of about 50 guests or less. Some couples shift towards this trend for the savings and the ability to have the extravagant wedding they might not have with a larger guest count. Since the guest count is a way to trim back your wedding budget, couples find their solution with smaller weddings. This is not the only reason why couples are choosing micro weddings. A larger wedding can sometimes create a less intimate experience. Regardless of the reason, an all-inclusive wedding venue can provide an affordable and elegant solution.

Micro Weddings on the Affordable Scale

Are micro weddings more affordable? In short, they can be, but not always. Sometimes couples scale back the size of the event and discover they are spending more on the details. In general, smaller weddings can be more affordable. When thinking about micro weddings in terms of affordability, consider the cost of renting space, hiring a designer, staff services, renting décor, and hiring vendors. If you were hosting the average sized wedding in America, you could anticipate spending about $20,000 to $30,000. More and more couples are seeking ways to keep costs down, and the go-to solution seems to be the micro weddings trend. However, when thinking in terms of savings, there is another solution that enables couples to have a more extravagant and larger affair on a micro budget.

Micro Budgets Instead of Micro Weddings

Many couples are working with micro budgets and end up with micro weddings as the product. Regardless of the size of your wedding, an all-inclusive wedding venue can save you thousands on your wedding day while providing all the extravagant details. When we use the term “all-inclusive,” we are defining a concept that provides the basic venue and services bundled into one affordable price. All-inclusive wedding venues also have relationships with vendors, which can give you access to professional services at reduced rates. It is possible to save more without micro weddings.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala can create your dream wedding without skimping on the guest count, and save you thousands in the process. Crystal Ballroom Ocala is an all-inclusive wedding venue with a professional in-house design team and planners to imagine and create your ceremony and reception space of your dreams. The ability to bundle all of the services, design and décor in an all-inclusive package delivers an affordable wedding venue. Take advantage of the relationships with wedding vendors, and have access to professional services at reduced rates. Crystal Ballroom Ocala creates elegant fairy tale weddings of every size, including the intimate experience. Contact Crystal Ballroom Ocala to schedule your VIP tour and make your wedding day everything it should be.


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