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Planning a Dry Wedding

Dry Wedding

Thinking about not having alcohol at your wedding? Join the club of many couples making the choice to have a dry wedding. Not everyone celebrates the same. For those that are choosing to celebrate with something different at the bar, these tips should help you plan an unforgettable celebration your way.

An Early Wedding

Alcohol trends seem to indicate that drinking is more of an evening affair. An early afternoon event can be the best time of day to pull off a dry wedding without guests missing the alcohol. There are also some benefits to having an early afternoon wedding. Wedding venues typically offer reduced rates for early weddings, and there is usually greater flexibility with planning. If you are planning an early dry wedding, contact venues to discuss available dates and corresponding rates.

Dry Wedding

Dry Wedding Beverages

If you are planning a dry wedding, beverages will still be equally important. Most venues host a cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres. A dry wedding provides opportunity for healthy and fun beverages during a cocktail hour. Think beyond lemonade, tea and coffee. Serve up fruity splashes of punch that bubble over with the mix of a carbonated drink and sherbet. A dry wedding doesn’t mean you cannot serve mixed drinks. Serve them up without the alcohol and choose splashes of carbonated drink and fruit juice. Toast with non-alcoholic champagne.

Dry Wedding

Food at a Dry Wedding

Hors d’oeuvres and alcohol are paired together at a cocktail hour. Get creative with the food you pair with your non-alcoholic beverages. Food is part of the entertainment. You can serve all of the traditional dishes at your cocktail hour, and experiment with something different. These foods are normally finger foods. You might serve meatballs on a stick, chicken kabobs, cheese, crackers, grilled peppers, cheesy potatoes, petit fours, chocolates or other delectable treats.

Dry Wedding Activities

Without the alcohol, your party might not seem as lively without a little intervention. Your dry wedding is a celebration and not a Sunday brunch in a restaurant. Keep in mind that you will need to work closely with your deejay and coordinator to keep events flowing and get your guests to step out of their comfort zone without the influence of alcohol. Plan line dancing activities and dancing games that would place a large number of guests on the dance floor in a way that makes them feel connected with a group. If you play music and do nothing at all, the dance floor is likely to have some empty space.

Planning several activities and events on a timeline can keep your party moving. Consider planning karaoke events, caricature artists, a magician or comedy show, and a photo booth. A dry wedding requires a little more planning to create a party experience. Having a professional day of event coordinator and deejay will create the energy on your magical day.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

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