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Wedding Ideas for the Perfect Day

Wedding Ideas

Almost every new bride is searching for wedding ideas, and we have a few to help you plan. Everything from the venue to the designs and even tips for the cake are right here. Keep reading and discover some trendy wedding ideas.

Serving the Champagne

Serving the Champagne during the cocktail hour and reception just got a little easier and a lot more creative. Start with a green wall of vines and flowers, and attach rows of wine glass holders to the front. Add some artsy signage with a special message to your guests. Fill the glasses with your favorite bubbly and celebrate.

Wedding Ideas for Dining

The bride and groom will appreciate this wedding idea. Traditionally, the newlyweds are seated at a head table with the wedding party. A sweetheart table replaces the head table and gives the couple a unique table setting while still remaining on display for all to observe and part of the celebration. The benefit of a sweetheart table is a custom-designed table that matches the theme, luxurious throne chairs, exclusive table décor and a romantic setting.

Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ideas for the Backdrop

Creating the wedding backdrop from fantasy is all about your venue and your wedding arch. Circle arches are popular designs for the ceremony space. This provides versatility and a creative space. The flowers you select to design the aisle, ceiling and wedding arch will transform the space to match the aesthetic of your vision.

Let Your Guests Choose a Seat

We can get all caught up in seating charts, but there is a wedding idea that makes seating guests a lot easier for everyone. Allow your guests to choose their seat. Display a sign to communicate the concept. This is also a good wedding idea to fill in an empty side when there is an unequal distribution of guests between the bride and the groom.

Wedding Ideas

Ideas for the Cake

Your wedding venue should provide an elegant and fully-designed cake table. It is important that the wedding cake is the only cake on the table, and is always set apart from the dessert table and the groom's cake. Photography is an important part of every wedding. The cake cutting ceremony will be a significant event that deserves its own photo shoot. Always think about the backdrop for your photography when staging the cake table and cutting the cake. What exists in the background will appear in the background of your images.

An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

One of the best wedding ideas yet is an all-inclusive wedding venue. This creates a fully-designed ceremony space and reception ballroom. All-inclusive venues bundle the designs and services to create an extraordinary event with a simple planning process. This also eliminates the hassle of transferring guests between a ceremony venue and a reception venue. Crystal Ballroom Ocala is a luxurious wedding venue in the heart of horse country. Step into the design studio and plan your destination wedding. Contact an event advisor and meet with professional wedding designers during a complimentary VIP tour and customization consultation.


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