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Wedding Horse and Carriage

Imagination brings a wedding horse and carriage to the grand entrance of a fairy tale wedding. If every Cinderella story has one, then so should your fairy tale. The wedding entrance and the wedding exit are two of the most significant and memorable parts of a wedding. If you imagine making it a fairy tale with a wedding horse and carriage, these tips should help you with the planning.

Planning a Wedding Horse and Carriage

Before hiring a wedding horse and carriage service, there are a few things to consider with a little planning. Consider the location of the wedding venue and the distance of your carriage ride. With distance, the travel time also increases. A wedding horse and carriage has an average speed of about 5 miles per hour. Not every road allows for a safe wedding horse and carriage ride. It is important to do a little homework with local services and your wedding venue to plan for the fairy tale experience appropriately.

Beyond the logistics, you need to recreate the fairy tale you imagined. You should consider the size of the carriage for the comfort and the awe. Consider how many horses and the breed that will pull the wedding horse and carriage. Do you envision Cleveland Bay or Friesian? It might be a challenge and an expense to get the lineage of warhorses from the Middle Ages that carried armored knights. Doing a little horse research with your fairy tale in mind will help you find the wedding horse and carriage of your dreams.

Decorated Wedding Horse and Carriage

Not all carriages are made equal. Take time to inspect the horses and the carriage prior to renting the service. This will not only provide the opportunity to inspect the condition of the horses and carriage, but will provide the opportunity for questions about décor. If you seek to create a picture perfect fairy tale, make sure your wedding horse and carriage looks the part. Consider the color of the carriage and the horses. Will it be decorated with tulle, flowers and bows galore? Will you have the option of braided horse hair? These are just some things to consider. Make a list of the things you want, and discuss your list with the wedding horse and carriage service.

Booking a Wedding Horse and Carriage

Once you have picked the date and found the perfect venue, it is time to plan your romantic wedding horse and carriage. You should book this service early in your planning process. Waiting to the last minute could mean you miss out on the fairy tale entrance or exit you dreamed about. There are a limited number of carriages available, and competition with other events and holidays. Planning ends with the daydream. Secure your wedding horse and carriage as soon as you have a date and all of the logistics worked out.

If you desire the wedding horse and carriage of fairy tales, there is no better place to have it than Ocala, Florida, the "Horse Capital of the World.” Crystal Ballroom Ocala is located right in the heart of the downtown square of this quaint town. This all-inclusive wedding venue is staffed with an in-house design team that is dedicated to creating the dream wedding you envision. Bring your imagination, and Crystal Ballroom Ocala will create the fairy tale wedding of your dreams.


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