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Planning with a Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

Congratulations! You just got engaged and it is time to start planning your wedding. Some couples hire a wedding planner, while other couples are using all-inclusive wedding venues to help them plan their dream wedding. If you are planning your wedding with a designer at a wedding venue, you might just need a wedding checklist to keep you on track with planning the little details. Most couples begin putting their wedding together about 12 to 14 months prior to the date. Every wedding checklist begins with a date!

Wedding Checklist 12 Months

Pick a date! Choosing a date for your wedding day is an important decision. It can also be challenging. While picking a date is the first step to your wedding planning, there is no rush. Some couples choose a longer engagement. Keep in mind that you should allow about 12 months to plan your wedding. How do you choose a wedding date?

Choose a wedding date that is significant to your relationship, such as an anniversary. If you want a new date, begin by picking a season and year for the wedding, while maintaining flexibility to coordinate with the availability of the wedding venue. Pick a date that works with the timeline of your wedding checklist and that doesn’t rush the planning process.

Get Inspired! As soon as you get engaged, do not waste time gaining inspiration for your wedding day. It is never too early to daydream. Scroll through social media and blogs. Flip through wedding magazines. Attend bridal shows. Imagine the colors for you wedding day. Think about your theme. This is the time to get creative. One of the best ways to gain inspiration is to tour an all-inclusive wedding venue. It is an opportunity to meet with designers and discuss décor for your wedding day.

Wedding Checklist

Budget. A budget will definitely pull you from the cloud you were daydreaming upon and pull your feet right back down to the ground. It can sometimes be frustrating to sit down with your partner and family to develop a realistic dollar amount for spending on the dream. Touring an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team, planners and vendor connections can help you with the process of planning your wedding, while saving you thousands.

Wedding Party. As soon as the word is out that you are engaged, everyone will be waiting for you to select the wedding party. This is a sensitive topic. Choose your wedding party wisely. Choose people that are close to you, supportive and positive. Never choose a bridesmaid or best man based on their feelings or just because you were in their wedding.

Guest list. While it isn’t time to send out invitations, it is important to start planning your guest count. You need an idea about who you will invite for budgeting purposes. For example, if you are spending less on catering with a smaller wedding, you might be able to afford the more expensive dress.

Wedding planner or not. Many couples choose a wedding planner to put their entire event together. Crystal Ballroom Ocala is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team and wedding planners to plan, design, and create your entire wedding from ceremony to reception. Contact wedding venues before hiring a wedding planner to see if a wedding planner should be on your wedding checklist or not.

Wedding venue. Do not wait with this wedding checklist item. Book your date early. Make sure your date is available and the location is secured. You cannot have a wedding without a location.

Vendors. Choose your photographer, caterer, cake decorator, deejay and hair and makeup artist as soon as you have the date and the venue locked down. Do not wait with this wedding checklist item. The calendar of a professional vendor fills up fast.

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist 9 Months

Purchase wedding attire! This is an exciting wedding checklist item. It is time to shop for the wedding dress and tux! You will probably need to schedule a couple fittings before the wedding.

Gift registry. This is a fun wedding checklist item. Build a couple wedding registries with your partner.

Wedding website. This trend should make every wedding checklist. Creating a personal page for your wedding is a way to keep the wedding party and guests in the loop about the wedding date, planning, registry information and travel details.

Wedding Checklist 6 Months

Invitations. Order or create your invitations about six months prior to your wedding day. This wedding checklist item is critical. Without invitations, you will not have many guests. Many couples are choosing to create digital invitations to send by email. Make sure you have all of the addresses or email addresses for your recipients. It isn’t time to send out the invitations just yet, but do not wait on organizing this wedding checklist item.

The honeymoon! You might not think this is a wedding checklist item, but it is. It takes thought and time to make it a truly magical experience. Think about your destination. Purchase tickets. If you will be traveling abroad, make sure you check travel advisories, obtained your passport, and schedule necessary doctor appointments.

Bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding party. Make sure this wedding checklist item is complete not less than six months prior to the wedding date. You will need to have the entire wedding party fitted.

Meet with the officiant. Many couples forget this wedding checklist item in all the chaos of planning the wedding. If you do not have an officiant, you will not have a wedding. Make you sure you take your time to choose an officiant that will create the ceremony experience that you imagine. This is the time to meet with your officiant and start planning the ceremony.

Transportation, limos and cars. Do not forget the limo! Arrive in style to your event and plan your wedding exit with class. Also think about your wedding party and securing transportation for them to get to the wedding venue.

Timeline. Create your timeline. This is another wedding checklist item that many forget. Plan the timing for the cutting of the cake, the first dance, toasting events and the bouquet toss. Crystal Ballroom Ocala offers a day of event coordinator package to help you create a timeline for your wedding day.

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist 4 Months

Four months prior to your wedding day, you will need to book the venue for the rehearsal dinner, sample and order the wedding cake, provide your bridal shower host with your guest list, and create your music playlist for your deejay or band.

Wedding Checklist 3 Months

Three months prior to your event, you will finalize the floral arrangements, purchase favors, create a list for those toasting at your reception and giving speeches, purchase lingerie, schedule another fitting for your wedding dress, purchase rings, and purchase a veil, if you did not purchase one when you purchased your wedding dress. This is the time to ask your important people to make a speech and toast at your wedding. They will need a little time to prepare.

Wedding Checklist 2 Months

Follow up with your vendors. Make sure you have discussed details about your wedding with your photographer and other vendors. Provide your deejay or band with a playlist. Mail out invitations about six to eight weeks prior to the ceremony. Arrange and attend a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Wedding Checklist 1 Month

Count and organize the RSVP’s. Obtain your marriage license. Schedule your last fitting. Stock the bar. Make sure all of your vendors are paid. Confirm the time and location for hair and makeup with your stylist. Assign guest seating. Purchase gifts for the wedding party to give at the rehearsal dinner. Write your vows. Cut and color hair, if you intend on doing this before the wedding.

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist 1 Week

Confirm the time and location with vendors. Make sure your day of event coordinator has your timeline and list for who will be bustling your dress and carrying out specific tasks. Pick up the dress, suit and wedding party attire. Provide the final headcount to the caterer. Pack for your honeymoon!

Plan your wedding checklist with Crystal Ballroom Ocala and have the fairy tale wedding of your dreams. Contact Crystal Ballroom Ocala for a complimentary VIP tour of this unique wedding venue and begin planning today.


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