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Tips for Your Wedding Accessories

Wedding Accessories

Choosing your wedding accessories is an important part of the wedding planning process. Matching the hairpiece with the hairstyle, and shoes with the dress are tricky decisions that involve a little thought. These tips should help you choose your wedding accessories.

Shoes are Important Wedding Accessories

The shoes are an important part of your wedding attire. The first rule to these wedding accessories is to choose the outfit first. Even if you think you have found the perfect shoe, hesitate and buy your dress first. It might be more difficult to find the perfect dress. Since the dress is the most important piece of your ensemble, match the shoes to the dress, not the dress to the shoes. As with all wedding accessories, determine how visible they will be to others. Your wedding shoes are wedding accessories that should compliment your dress. Consider the style, arch, height, heel, texture, color and shade.

Wedding Accessories for Your Hairstyle

The first thing to consider when choosing wedding accessories for your hair is your hairstyle. How will you be wearing your hair on your wedding day? A romantic updo might call for a flower comb or hair vine. Blown out luscious locks might be complimented best with an elegant flower. Before snapping on a bulky clip, think about the thickness of your hair. Thinner hair might require lighter wedding accessories. Hair combs or hair clips are popular accessories. They are versatile and available in almost limitless styles. They compliment an updo and can also be used to clip hair to the side. Headbands and tiaras are other popular wedding accessories that create an elegant statement with a glamorous look. Ribbons and hair jewelry can embellish a braid or create a dramatic updo.

Wedding Accessories

Wearing a Veil

Not every bride wears a veil. However, nothing could be more dramatic than a sheer veil that has no other purpose but to frame the beauty of the bride beneath. Sheer wedding veils match every silhouette and fabric. Cathedral wedding veils are recommended for elegant and formal weddings. The blusher is the portion of wedding veils designed to conceal the bride’s face until it is lifted for the kiss. It creates that classic look. Lace is always romantic, stylish and timeless. The Juliet cap combines a cloche-style cap with a tulle veil to create the early twentieth century wedding veils from somewhere between 1910 and the 1940’s. Halo veils are popular wedding accessories. The circle cut veil crowns the head with a wreath-shaped wire that attaches to the veil to create a vintage look with a Bohemian flair.

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