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Tips for Wedding Videography

wedding videography

Creating that once in a lifetime moment is the reason for everything. A cinematic production captures the moment with a keepsake that allows you to relive it. Just as with photography, experience, quality, personality, style and expense are important factors to consider. These tips will help you make important decisions about your wedding videography.

Budgeting for Wedding Videography

The budget creates some boundaries, but does not dictate how you allocate your spending. You might bundle your catering with a beverage package or book an all-inclusive venue to save thousands on the venue and decor. Just the same, you could choose to bundle your photography with your videography. Some photographers only provide photography, while some offer savings with a package that includes the very different art forms. The average couple spends about $2,500 on their wedding photography. Videography has a comparable price tag. If it seems challenging to find a photographer that offers videography, you are not alone. It is very common to purchase these services from different wedding vendors. Keep in mind that many videographers will work with your budget and create solutions to make your dream work.

The Cost Equation

How much should you spend? We only pay what we believe something is worth. Your decision should consider talent, experience and their ability to deliver the style of art that matches your vision. Making a decision based solely upon the budget will result in less quality. Expensive videography will not guarantee perfect results. It is important to find the talent that provides a good balance of affordability and quality.

Tips for Saving

There are few tricks to trimming the costs associated with videography. Have your videographer arrive on scene to begin capturing moments after the makeup and hair are complete. Hold your wedding and reception at the same venue to avoid travel costs and extra time between venues. Cut the videography just after the cake. Create a timeline that allows for the videography to capture all the highlight moments in a shorter amount of time without shortening the event.

wedding videography

Planning the Videography

It is important to have consultations and constant communication with your videographer during the planning process, especially just prior to your big day. You must establish exactly what you want captured and how. Do you want videography to begin in the morning as the day is just beginning or are you more interested in just the ceremony and the reception? Most couples want to commemorate the process of getting ready for their wedding, such as when the bride gets her makeover and the bridesmaids help her adjust the dress. Your budget might want to avoid the extras. Knowing when the videographer should arrive is just as important as knowing how long they should remain. Talk about the timeline and the cocktail hour. Make sure to discuss what points of the day will be captured on film and what parts of the day should be ignored.

Timeline Tips

It is recommended that you book your videography at least six months prior to your wedding day. This allows time for sharing your vision and creating a timeline that provides for the creation of it. Every wedding day timeline should include the photography and videography moments. You videographer should have a detailed schedule of every event, including highlight moments, rituals and traditions. You should create a list of people you want included in the videography. Provide your artist with a seating chart. Inform them of any unusual situations and important notes.

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