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Tips for the Wedding Bar

Wedding Bar

A wedding bar can be one of the largest expenses in the budget, but doesn’t need to be. There are a few questions to consider before you start planning the bar. Do you envision a bar package or a consumption bar? Do you want a soft bar, standard bar or a premium bar? Maybe you envision a wedding without the alcohol. We have a few tips and ideas for planning your wedding bar.

Budget for the Wedding Bar

There is no doubt that alcohol will liven up a celebration and cause all those inhibitions to dwindle away. For that reason, most couples want to create an exceptional wedding bar experience. Quantity and type will make a difference in the experience and the budget. Choosing a venue with bartenders and bar staff can provide extra savings, which can give a little in the budget to spend more on stocking the bar. Some catering companies offer alcohol packages, but it does not always provide more savings. The wedding bar is an area where most couples can sacrifice a little, but doing so is not always the best option for creating the experience you want. There might be more savings in stocking your own bar and utilizing the staff services at an all-inclusive wedding venue.

Wedding Bar

Choosing the Type of Wedding Bar

The wedding bar is a chance to make impressions and create a unique experience. Everything from the drinks you serve to the type of bar services will matter. A consumption bar is charged by the drink or bottle. A bar package provides an open bar for a certain amount of time. Bar packages come in different levels. A soft bar serves beer and wine. A standard bar usually has lower-priced brands, while a premium bar serves premium liquors. Once you choose your brands and types, you need to consider the number of guests in attendance and the cost of creating the experience. One method for calculating the alcohol is to allow one drink per guest per hour. Your guest count will help you decide whether a package or a consumption bar makes more sense, and what types of beverages to serve. A cash bar allows guests to buy their own drinks. While this is an option, it might create an undesirable impression.

Signature Cocktails

Whatever decision you make about your bar, you will probably want to serve a signature drink during your cocktail hour. The drink will make a statement, and will be remembered. The exciting part about creating your signature drink is that you get to use creativity and make it unique. Your signature drink does not need to contain alcohol, so no need to worry if you are planning a dry bar. Do not forget to give your drink a name and feature it on a tent card on the wedding bar.

Dry Wedding Bar

A wedding bar does not need to serve alcohol. A dry wedding provides opportunity for healthy and fun beverages during the cocktail hour. Serve up fruity splashes of punch that bubble over with the mix of a carbonated drink and sherbet. Without the alcohol, your party might not seem as lively, if left alone. Keep in mind that you will need to work closely with your deejay and coordinator to keep events flowing and get your guests to step out of their comfort zone without the influence of alcohol. Plan line dancing activities and dancing games that would place a large number of guests on the dance floor in a way that makes them feel connected with a group. Consider planning entertainment, such as karaoke, caricature artists, a magician, comedy show and a photo booth experience.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Celebrate your magical moments with a wedding bar at Crystal Ballroom Ocala. Bring imagination to this all-inclusive wedding venue, where the in-house designers create your picture perfect wedding from fantasy. You have the freedom to stock the bar the way you choose for your cocktail hour and reception, and the banquet staff and bartenders will help you create the unforgettable celebration you envision.


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