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Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon


A honeymoon requires a little planning to create the unforgettable experience from your imagination. Not every romantic adventure takes you over mountains and sea to secluded beaches, Paris or Rome. Sometimes the honeymoon escape from fantasy is something unexpected and near your destination wedding venue. Whether you will be stamping passports or planning something a little closer to home, you will need to find the best deals, book accommodations, secure travel arrangements, research the area, plan your outings, and create an itinerary. Since you have so much to plan, we have a few tips to help you prepare for the honeymoon.

Honeymoon Destinations

Where should you go? Before you begin researching travel deals, you will want to have an idea about where you want to go. Your circumstances will make a few decisions about your honeymoon. You should consider your budget, the amount of time you can give to this special vacation and your interests. Think of places you both love, such as the beach, nature, foreign places or nights in a big city. You might consider one of these romantic destinations:

Travel Deals

Travel deals are everywhere. Finding the best deals requires a little research. There are several travel websites that offer savings. You should also explore any savings available when you book directly through the airlines. Bundles can provide savings when the package includes the hotel and transportation. Think of destinations and activities that will make the adventure meaningful, and explore several travel websites. Travel agents still exist, and can help you research the best travel deals.

Honeymoon Activities

You will probably not want to remain in a hotel room for the entire honeymoon. You will want to research the area to create your exciting adventure. It could be a restaurant that is almost impossible to get a reservation at or an excursion you always dreamed about. Whatever the experience might be, it is important to arrange these activities in advance. You might dream up roses, dinner by candlelight and a private adventure in a secluded treehouse. Create an itinerary of all the activities you want to explore.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Wherever you imagine the adventure, it should begin with Crystal Ballroom Ocala. You should plan your honeymoon simultaneously with your wedding, and Crystal Ballroom Ocala is the perfect destination wedding venue to help you plan. Host your magical moments in this luxurious venue in the heart of magical downtown Ocala, and escape to a romantic honeymoon in breathtakingly beautiful horse country. Meet the in-house design team and planners to plan a wedding day from fantasy, and walk the red carpet to the fairy tale that awaits you.


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