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Things to Know About Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers have been adding meaning and romance to weddings since the beginning of weddings. They have been associated with different feelings and a symbolic and unspoken language of love. Filling your dream venue with the flowers from the magazine requires a little planning. Since your wedding flowers will be such an important part of the magic, we have a few tips to help you plan.

Think About Your Wedding Day

Before you make any decision about your wedding day, you should take a moment to imagine the day and the experience you want to create. Do you want rose petals decorated on the aisle? Do you dream of a fragrant venue filled with your favorite blooms? Think about your theme, colors and the space. Imagine your centerpieces and bouquets. Do you want to bring in larger floral arrangements for a more dramatic ceremony and fill your wedding arch with the blooms of the season? Calculate the size of the venue and think about how you want to use your flowers within the space.

Wedding Flowers

Counting Your Wedding Flowers

How many wedding flowers should you order? This is a common question. The answer depends on how you envision your wedding day and the budget you are using to create it. You will probably want a decorated ceremony space and centerpieces with flowers on your tables. You could reuse flowers from the ceremony space in the reception hall, if your designers have enough time to stage another space. Whether you are creating the garden ceremony indoors or only wanting a few accents, you will probably want a bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets. The groom and groomsmen will probably have boutonnieres. The parents of the bride and groom usually have corsages and boutonnieres. Once you decide how many arrangements you will need, you will need to choose the blooms.

Wedding Flowers

Choosing Blooms

After you have an idea about quantity, you will need to think about the type of blooms you want to use within your space. Every flower has a different color and scent that will alter the mood and create a different experience. The season is usually a good way to narrow down your options. It is not impossible to obtain blooms out of season, but they can be more expensive and do not last as long. A good florist will be able to assist you with obtaining flowers that are forced to bloom out of season and can give you the best recommendations.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter has more variety than most realize. Garden roses, peonies and anemones are romantic blooms that add an abundance of color to winter weddings. The winter also gives us the elegance of orchids, champagne roses, magenta tulips and some hyacinths.

Spring and Summer

Spring and summer come to life with colorful blooms, creating an abundance of lilacs, sweet peas and ranunculus. Hydrangeas are a dramatic and popular choice to decorate the wedding arch. Keep in mind that hydrangeas are sensitive to heat. Freesia, peonies, dahlias, daisies, carnations and roses bloom during warmer months. If you want to create a garden wedding, indoors or out, the summer and spring provide the opportunity.

Wedding Flowers

Fall Weddings

Fall changes up the color palette with oranges and browns. During the cycle of change, deep burgundy dahlias and sophisticated anemones bloom. Fall is the season for yellow wedding flowers. Marigolds and sunflowers create beautiful bouquets. Bring in the reds and the browns with berries and acorns. Drape your centerpieces and tables with fall leaves and vines.

Budgeting the Wedding Flowers

The cost of recreating the design in the photograph might change your vision. Couples usually spend between $800 and $2,500 on their wedding flowers. Depending on your vision for your wedding day, you could spend less or much more. Florists can offer packages with a fixed price or offer customized packages. A fixed price might not always provide the most savings. A more expensive flower that provides larger coverage allows you to buy fewer flowers to create the look. Combining artificial flowers with fresh flowers can stretch the budget when needed. Daisies and dahlias are usually less expensive choices. Roses, tulips, lilies, and hydrangeas are in the mid-range. Peonies and orchids are usually among the most expensive flowers. It is important to note that a few expensive wedding flowers can sometimes produce better results than a dozen cheap ones.

Wedding Flowers

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala has professional wedding designers to bring your vision to reality. Meet with the designers inside of the design studio, where all the magic happens. Bring imagination and let the designers create the romantic ceremony and reception of your dreams. Crystal Ballroom weddings include all of the furnishings, designs, services, and quality artificial floral arrangements to save you thousands on designing your wedding day. If you desire fresh flowers at your venue, bring your florist to the design table or meet with the Crystal Ballroom vendors. We work together to build your wedding team and create your fairy tale.


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