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How Do You Know You Have Found Your Wedding Venue?

Congratulations on your engagement! You are now beginning the exciting journey of wedding planning. With the daydream at heart, your goal is to find the fairy tale wedding venue to meet your budget. However, the price tag should never be a measure of its attributes. Instead, discover a wedding venue that provides the dream with affordable and all-inclusive packaging. Before settling on a venue, there are some important questions to ask your wedding venue.

Can the wedding venue accommodate the size of the wedding?

Most wedding venues package for the average; however, size is a relative variable. Make sure the wedding venue can accommodate the unique size of your wedding. A micro wedding with just a few close family members is on a very different end of the spectrum than a wedding with a 200 guest count. It is important to ask your wedding venue if they are able to remove and move tables to accommodate the size of your wedding in a way that will not look awkward in the space. Make sure you tour the venue, whether in person or by video tour, and ask questions about the arrangement of the furniture.

What is included when renting the wedding venue?

Some wedding venues only rent the space, while others include the tables, chairs and décor. Ask the wedding venue specifically how many tables and chairs are included. Ask whether décor is included. Find out whether linens, runners, overlays, charger plates, fine china and silverware are included. Ask the quantity of centerpieces that will be used, such as lanterns, candelabras, candles and vases. Ask whether upgrades are available, such as dancing on a cloud and a sparkler wedding exit.

Does the wedding venue offer design services?

A designer is essential to designing your ceremony and reception space. Renting the service of a designer separately can be costly. Make sure you ask whether the wedding venue has an in-house design team. Discuss your theme with the wedding venue and find out whether they will be able to create it. Talk about color schemes and décor.

Is the wedding venue staffed?

Ask whether the wedding venue includes a bartender and banquet staff. A bartender is important for serving drinks to your guests during the reception and at cocktail hour. Banquet staff butler pass hors d'oeuvres during the cocktail hour and service the ballroom during the reception. Many couples do not think about setting up for the magic or cleaning it up after the magic has left the building. These behind the scenes events are important. Make sure you determine whether the essential staff will be present within the wedding venue.

What are the vendor policies of the wedding venue?

Many wedding venues have restrictions when it comes to outside food. Find out what their vendor policies are and whether you can hire an outside caterer or supply your own food at your reception. It can be important to have the freedom to bring your own food and alcohol to your wedding.

Does the wedding venue offer coordinator services?

A day of event coordinator can be essential to the success of your wedding day. Everything is managed according to your timeline. They coordinate the movement of the wedding party and guests within the wedding venue. All aspects of the ceremony and reception are managed and organized to ensure everyone is seated according to assignment, gifts are arranged, food services are managed, toasting and speeches are organized, and the first dance and music are coordinated the way you imagined. They guarantee that the wedding party makes an entrance in the appropriate order and at the appropriate time. Entrances, music and ceremonial events are all managed according to the way you planned. Sometimes this is a service upgrade. Ask questions and determine whether a day of event coordinator is available for hire at the wedding venue.

Is the wedding venue all-inclusive?

If you rent out the space, hire a designer, rent staff services, and rent décor separately, your wedding can very easily rise to the nations average to about $30,000. The ability to bundle all of the services, design and décor in an all-inclusive package delivers an affordable wedding venue. The everything included concept will not only save you thousands on planning your wedding, but it will give you an upfront cost for almost the entire event you are planning. If a wedding venue gives you different upgrade options, it will help you customize your wedding to match your budget.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

The Crystal Ballroom makes the dream wedding possible. They have an all-inclusive package concept to deliver the entire wedding, rather than renting flowers, décor, tables, and china separately. The rich culture, picturesque setting and ballroom elegance are unmatched by any other. This is not just another space, but a complete team of in-house designers that work with couples to plan, design and create the entire wedding theme from ceremony to reception. All of the design, décor, draperies, uplighting, and the Crystal Ballroom’s signature chandeliers are all included to create the wedding of your dreams.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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