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Things Every Bride Should Do


Whether you just got engaged or have been on this journey for a while, there are a few things you should do. In fact, there are a few things every bride should do when wedding planning. Your wedding day will be a big deal and a big day that requires a multifaceted team and a long list of things to do to make it absolutely perfect. We are sharing a list of things for the bride to do when wedding planning.

Enlist Some Helpers

Not every bride hires a professional wedding planner, but that does not mean they didn’t have help. After surveying multiple brides, we discovered that having a strong support system is necessary for the success of wedding planning. Even when the budget is not big enough for the pros, a team can be created with the wedding party. Make sure you consider the individuals you invite to be in your wedding party. They should be organized multi-taskers.


A Bride Needs a Coordinator

A day of event coordinator has an important function on your wedding day, and during the wedding planning process. Yes, they are hired to manage the timeline, events and logistics on the big day, but their work begins during wedding planning. This important person will meet with you prior to your wedding day to review the timeline and conceptualize the main event. Your venue will probably have day of event coordinator or be able to recommend a wedding professional to fit your needs. Every bride should hire a wedding day coordinator.

Every Bride Should Keep a Journal

Most of us keep a journal without even realizing it. Only few will put the pen to the paper and keep a physical diary, but most of us are dedicated to a social media platform where we collect and share our life stories. When we constantly post and document the minuscule and insignificant everyday events of our lives on social media, it would be a shame to miss the chance to record such an important life event. If social media is the medium of choice, there are features available to print the documented memories for print. This allows you to share the journey over social media, and create the keepsake of your wedding planning adventure. Every bride should scrap-book and a keep a journal to document the wedding planning journey.


A Bride Needs Breaks

Almost every bride admits that wedding planning is stressful. It takes time and energy that can feel like work. It is important to remember that your planning journey is an opportunity to create memories and bond with your partner, close family and your group of special friends. You should create an inclusive environment that brings everyone together, but also take some needed me time when me time is needed.

Wedding Venue

Wedding Planning with an All-Inclusive Venue

The wedding venue is the first and most important detail on the wedding planning list. Creating the perfect backdrop in a magical location is not possible without the picturesque venue. Brides reveal some of their biggest planning mistakes, and renting an empty space is near the top. It is not just extremely expensive to rent furnishings, décor and floral arrangements separately, but it also involves a lot more stressful coordinating and planning. Planning with an all-inclusive venue creates a one-stop shop for wedding planning. All of the furnishings, designs and services are included to create the fairy tale. Crystal Ballroom Ocala is an all-inclusive venue with all of the furnishing, designs and services to make the dream wedding come true. Contact an event advisor for a complimentary VIP tour and customization consultation.


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