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The Secret to Good Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

We plan this occasion for the memories. Of course we all want good photography. What makes good wedding photography? Keep reading! We are sharing a few tips for good wedding photography.

The Style

The style is important for how your images will be captured. Deciding between positioned poses and a documentary-style shoot can be an easy decision for most. If you are looking for dramatic pieces of art, take your time to find an artist that can demonstrate their abilities. There is a difference between the style of the shoot and the editing style. It is important to review editing styles with your wedding photographer in advance. Having an engagement photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to sample style before your wedding day.

Wedding Photography

Good Wedding Photography Tells a Story

Wedding Photography should tell a story. An experienced photographer can help tell your story through the images. They can also help you create a list of photos surrounding highlight moments. It is important to add blocks of time for the photography to your wedding day timeline.

Good Energy

It is almost impossible to hide emotion from expressions, and the camera never lies. Your wedding day will be one of the most emotional days of your entire life. And you will probably want to capture those happy tears and all the laughter with candid shots. It is extremely important that you choose a wedding photographer with good energy. If they do not make you happy, it will show in every photograph.

Backdrops for Good Wedding Photography

Your wedding photography should have a beautiful backdrop to frame every shot. The wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding day. It will affect every element of your wedding, but the photography will be affected the most. Choosing a wedding venue with professional wedding designers can help you stage the ceremony and reception space for your photography. Plan with an all-inclusive venue with furnishings, flowers, décor and professional wedding design services.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Create a fairy tale at Crystal Ballroom Ocala, and capture every magical moment with the best wedding photography. Build your team with Crystal Ballroom preferred wedding vendors, and meet the finest in their industry. Meet with in-house designers and planners to design your entire wedding venue, from your ceremony space to the reception ballroom. Create unforgettable moments at this picturesque venue that includes all of the furnishings, designs and services to make your dream wedding come true.


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