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Professional Wedding Makeup or DIY?

Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup is one of those very important elements of your wedding day that you might have considered doing yourself. Not all of us are professional makeup artists. When the professional camera crew shows up to your magical set for the photo shoot of your lifetime in all the perfect lighting, you might realize DIY wedding makeup is not the best planning decision. There are a few reasons you might want to hire professionals for your wedding makeup, and here are some tips to planning it right.

Wedding Makeup

Who Needs Wedding Makeup?

Let’s begin with who actually needs wedding makeup, since so many believe it is only for the bride. Obviously, the bride takes the lead and is the most important at center stage of this magical event; however, there is an entire wedding party that should match the bride. Your wedding photography will capture the wedding party and that one bridesmaid with foundation lines on her jawline and too much makeup without fail when there is a fail. It is important that the bridal party coordinate their look while never detracting from the images of the bride. Contrary to belief, men wear makeup for cameras too. It is unlikely they will wear bold eyeshadow and shimmering highlighter, but they might have a light application of liquid foundation or airbrush makeup to even out tones. Powder is used to reduce the shine on camera. You will realize professional wedding makeup is important for your photography.

Wedding Makeup

The Timeline for Wedding Makeup

The timeline for wedding makeup is a critical one, and another reason to hire professionals. This will be nothing like a typical appointment with a stylist. Your wedding day is all about precise timing on an unforgiving timeline. Even if you have a day of event coordinator helping you keep things running smoothly, the nervousness, last minute mishaps and getting ready will be stressful enough. Your wedding makeup will take between half an hour and 45 minutes. You should spend the time being pampered, not stressing to keep the eyeliner straight and the mascara off your lids. There is more to consider than the timing and stressing that most of us do not know about professional wedding makeup.

Types of Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup is more than just a bottle of foundation on the shelf or anything we could mix together at home. Liquid makeup is professionally mixed for a perfect skin match. There are different types of skin, tones and coverage needs to consider, and each type requires a different foundation coverage that a professional can create. Light and flawless can be achieved with airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup requires a little practice that professionals have. Tattoos and scars require a specific makeup and technique for coverage. Some brides desire body makeup. Professional wedding makeup can help you achieve the flawless look you want under any light.

Wedding Makeup

Prepare in Advance

Wedding makeup is more than the application on the day of your wedding. Brides and the entire wedding party start preparing their skin with treatments and facials a couple weeks prior to the event. Avoid chemical skin treatments a few months before the wedding. A week before the wedding, you might consider waxing and tanning. Always use a professional for these services to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Wedding Makeup

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