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Live Wedding Music or DJ

Live Wedding Music

After you book your venue, you are ready to start putting your team of wedding vendors together. It is time to start thinking about the kind of event you want to create. You will have a hundred choices to make, but one of them will define your entire celebration. Will you have live wedding music or a DJ? There are just a couple things to consider that will help you decide whether to have a live band to rock a show or a DJ to keep the energy going.

The Budget for Live Wedding Music

The wedding budget can make a lot of decisions about our wedding day if we allow it. If you host your wedding at an all-inclusive wedding venue, you can save more money in your budget for the music experience you want. It is important to consider that live wedding music is usually more expensive than hiring a DJ. Bands typically charge between $2,000 and $8,000. It can even cost more, if it is a large band that is traveling a significant distance to create the magic at your wedding.

The price of hiring live wedding music can be affected by a few things, such as the equipment and the number and types of instruments. The bigger the show, the bigger the budget required. It can be challenging and expensive to secure a popular band. Fees for live music include performance time, lighting and special requests to learn new material.

Wedding DJ

The Cost of a DJ

In contrast, a DJ costs between $600 and $2,500. A DJ does more that hit play on the stereo. The DJ experience encompasses everything from advanced sound and light shows, interactive experiences with guests, co2 cannons, effects, monograms, and an immersive show. A single DJ will sometimes charge less than a two or three person party experience. Sometimes they offfer additional services, such as a photo booth or photo mirror.

Know Your Style

It is important to maintain the vision you have in mind for your special day. The music on your wedding day will create the celebration. Do you envision a stringed quartet or a lively band that rocks the house down? While both can work in an elegant space, think about the size of the venue and the type of celebration you seek to create. Your theme will determine whether you want soft strings, jazz, pop, rock or a DJ to give you the experience of it all with a blend of modern music upon request.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Create Your Experience at Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala is affordable luxury. Create the elegant event of your dreams in a ballroom designed just for you at this all-inclusive wedding venue. Meet with in-house designers and planners to share your vision. The affordable wedding packages include all of the tables, chairs, designs and décor to create your perfect ceremony and reception. Even the bartender and the banquet staff are included for a flawless event. The spacious layout provides space and flexibility for you to create your unique wedding music experience. Contact Crystal Ballroom Ocala to schedule your complimentary tour and begin planning your wedding day.


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