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Designing Your Wedding Ceremony Space

Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony should be designed to match the fairy tale you envision. We are here to help you bring your vision to life. Keep reading to discover tips for designing your wedding ceremony space.

Ceremony Space at Your Wedding Venue

The ceremony is the most important part of the day and the reason for it all. Every element of the design must be nothing less than perfect. You should have a well-defined aisle with chairs and décor. The theme and vision for the aesthetic you want to create will help you choose your colors, candles, flowers, vases and accents. You might define your aisle with lanterns, vases filled with floating candles or oversized candelabras. The wedding arch will provide a backdrop and frame the bride and groom during the ceremony. You should consider the season, colors, flowers and your theme when designing this space. The easiest and most affordable way to design your wedding ceremony space is to plan with an all-inclusive wedding venue with in-house designers, furnishings and décor.

Wedding Ceremony Layout

The traditional layout of the wedding ceremony space places chairs in outer rows with a single aisle down the middle for the processional. Your ceremony space might take a slightly different shape. It is okay to be creative and do things differently. It is important to keep a clear view of the wedding arch for the guests to witness your magical moments, regardless of their position in the room. Avoid placing chairs behind architectural pillars, arches or large floral arrangements.

Wedding Ceremony

Space is Important

You might find yourself pushing chairs together with a larger wedding to accommodate your guests in a smaller venue. Avoid making the mistake of pushing your guests into a tight area. Space is important. You might consider a circular arrangement of seating or spiral layout to make the most of your space.

Signage in the Wedding Ceremony Space

Traditionally, the bride and groom place their guests on different sides of the room. The bride’s family sits to the left, and the groom’s family sits to the right. These traditions are changing over time. Modern weddings avoid the signage and allow guests to choose a seat in the wedding ceremony space, rather than choose a side of the room. If you want to avoid confusion, post a sign at the entrance of the ceremony room. Make sure you reserve seating in the first couple of rows for the wedding party and close family.

Wedding Ceremony

Create a Backdrop for Photography

The wedding ceremony space should create the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography. You should be mindful of the camera when staging the room and the wedding arch. Always think about where your photographer will stand.

Make it Audible

A lot will happen in the wedding ceremony space. Most of it will involve speaking. There will be an exchange of vows, some words spoken by the officiant and maybe a special reading. Test your sound from the back row. You can bring the back row closer or mic the bride, groom and officiant.

Walking the Walk

The way you stage your wedding ceremony space and define your aisle will make all the difference in the processional length and direction. If you fear all eyes on you, create a shorter aisle. The length of your aisle should feel comfortable, not too long or too short. Practice walking through the ceremony space to make sure it feels right.

Wedding Ceremony

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Crystal Ballroom Ocala is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings, décor and staff services in a fairy tale package. Professional wedding designers customize the wedding ceremony space and reception hall to match your vision with exclusive designs and floral arrangements. Bring imagination to the design studio and hand select your flowers, centerpieces, linens and every detail of your dream wedding. Every event includes an impressive bartender service, banquet staff and fine china for a full three course meal. Crystal Ballroom designs luxurious events and creates unforgettable moments. Contact an event advisor to schedule a complimentary VIP tour and customization consultation.


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