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Building Your Team of Wedding Vendors

Crystal Ballroom Ocala Wedding Venue

Creating the flawless wedding of your dreams involves an entire team of professional wedding vendors. You will need a wedding venue, catering, photography, entertainment and a few others to make the unforgettable fairy tale a reality. In fact, the average wedding has about ten wedding vendors. These tips should help you build a team of wedding vendors for successful wedding planning.

A Wedding Planner

Not every couple hires a wedding planner. On average, only 30% of couples getting married choose to have a wedding planner. A wedding planner is a master of wedding budgets, and has a talent for working with your budget to create the vision. They have the ability to negotiate contracts with wedding vendors to get the best rates. A wedding planner can be essential for some couples to help them stay within budget and on a strict timeline. They can also help with prewedding events and day of event coordination services. Some argue that a wedding planner is an unnecessary expense, while others discover they actually help them save money and achieve their dream event.

Your Wedding Venue

Building your wedding team begins with a venue. You must establish where you want to create those unforgettable moments. The location and atmosphere are most important when making decisions about your venue. This is your once in a lifetime moment that should sacrifice nothing in the process of bringing the dream to fruition. Your vision is unique; therefore, your venue should be as well. Finding an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team can help you design a unique space with your color scheme and theme at a fraction of the cost.

All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

Working with an Empty Space

If you rent an empty space, you will need to hire a few additional vendors to design the space, and also rent furnishings, linens, chinaware, décor, bartender services and banquet staff services to make it all come together according to your vision. The advantage of an all-inclusive wedding venue is that it saves you thousands on the additional vendors and rentals.

Hiring Wedding Vendors for Catering

Almost every wedding reception revolves around the cuisine or at least some hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Traditionally, the reception involves a formal dining experience. Depending on your wedding venue and the wedding vendors for catering, you might need to rent tables, chairs, linens and chinaware. An all-inclusive venue that bundles the banquet staff services with all of the furnishings, linens and chinaware can save you thousands on planning the reception.

Wedding Vendors You will Never Forget

You will spend a chunk of your savings or someone else's in the process of creating this once in a lifetime celebration; therefore, you will not want to forget a single moment of it. Photographers and videographers are essential wedding vendors, just as much as the wedding venue and the caterer. Photography and videography are two separate forms of art that will help you preserve the memories of your wedding day in different ways. Photographs will create wall hangings and art that will help you recall the memory of that magical day for a lifetime. Videography will relive the moment in a cinematic production each time you watch it. It is recommended that you hire both, a photographer and a videographer. Not all photographers offer videography, and not all videographers offer photography. When you can get a bundle with one vendor there can be additional savings; however, you might consider hiring them separately, since the artist might specialize more in video or photography, affecting the quality of the other.

Wedding Entertainment

Every wedding reception has some sort of entertainment. Some weddings have multiple forms of entertainment. You could have dueling pianos, a comedy act, a caricature artist, stilt walkers, percussion, a brass ensemble, a full band, or a DJ. You might have them all. When it comes to entertainment, the possibilities are almost endless. It can also be very expensive. It is always cheaper to hire a DJ; however, some couples want to provide the live band experience. However you envision the entertainment on your wedding day, make sure that you hire a master of ceremonies or MC for an interactive and immersive experience that follows your timeline.

Other Essential Wedding Vendors

You will need more than a venue, food, entertainment and photography. You will want a unique wedding cake that incorporates your colors and theme in your favorite flavors. You will need limo services to make your grand entrance and exit. Almost every wedding has flowers. If you are not booking at an all-inclusive wedding venue, you will need to hire a florist. Some couples choose a florist for live flowers, even when booking in an all-inclusive wedding venue with artificial floral arrangements. You will probably need a florist for your bouquets and boutonnieres, unless you are attempting to DIY. Alcohol vendors can be essential when couples want to serve drinks during their cocktail hour and reception. One of the most important and essential parts of a wedding ceremony is the officiant.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala Wedding Vendors

Crystal Ballroom Ocala

Create a luxury wedding experience at Crystal Ballroom Ocala and build your entire team of wedding vendors from the Crystal Ballroom’s preferred vendor list. Every wedding package at this elegant wedding venue includes a professional designer, furnishings and décor to create the unforgettable experience you seek to create. This unique destination wedding venue collaborates with local vendors to meet all of your needs beyond the all-inclusive wedding packages. Plan your destination wedding with Crystal Ballroom and create the luxury wedding of your dreams.


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