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Avoiding Last Minute Wedding Day Disaster

Wedding Day

What could possibly go wrong on a perfect day with a perfect timeline that has no room for error? You can walk through every second on the timeline and double-check every item on the list, but Murphy’s Law can still take control. In the face of insurmountable disaster, we have some tips to saving the wedding day.

Vendor No-Show

One of the biggest things that could go wrong on your wedding day would be a vendor not showing up to deliver the magic promised. If there isn’t a band to play or food to serve, the reception is done. If you have a wedding planner, there is probably a quick fix with a backup plan. Some improvise and make quick changes to the timeline to pull it all together. The best way to overcome a challenge such as this, which could break the entire day, is to make sure a backup vendor is listed in the contract. Communicate with all of your vendors and have them list their stand-in when the unexpected occurs. If you book an experienced vendor, they will have a network and a plan to ensure everything is delivered on your wedding day.

When You Cannot Make Your Wedding Day

Getting sick can make everything go wrong. Not showing up is probably the worst thing that could possibly go wrong on your wedding day. A simple cold has a simple remedy, but hospitalization and serious illness can be difficult to overcome. A flu or sinus infection is a doctor away from a fix. If the bride or groom cannot stand at the altar, there really isn’t a way to save the date. When the ceremony and celebration cannot go on, postponement might be the only way. The most important thing to grasp is that a postponement is not the end of the wedding. The wedding day will still happen, just on another day. When catastrophe befalls, the key is in the actions that follow. Make sure everyone is informed without delay, and begin rescheduling to make the dream come true on a better day. Good health and recovery are essential to having the wedding day you want. Put everything in perspective, think about what is important and carry forward in positive ways.

Wedding Day

When the Budget Breaks

Sometimes, there can be last-minute and unexpected disaster with the finances. Most vendors are paid a few weeks before the wedding day, but there are cases when things happen and they are not. This situation calls for creative wedding finance. You might need to reduce the size of the flowers, decrease the size of the cake or go with a soft bar. It is important that you have a conversation with your vendors before you enter into a contract, and make sure they include your verbal agreements in the text. Your discussions should involve issues such as these. Not only do you need to know their backup plan, but they need to know yours. You should agree on the cancellation policy and penalties for last minute changes to the size of the order. If you get sick and cannot show up for your wedding day, make sure the contract includes the policy for rescheduling, and make sure you agree with that policy. Communication and contracts that include a plan for wedding day disaster can save your day.

Emergency Wedding Day Kit

Hair can frizz, nails can break and makeup can smear. These small fails are tolerated on any other day, but not the wedding day. Packing an emergency wedding day kit is necessary for all the unexpected issues. An emergency kit should include your headache pill of choice for an unexpected headache, travel size hairspray, breath mints, toothpicks, clear nail polish to stop a run or fix a chipped nail, perfume, lint brush, lipstick, an emery board, sewing kit, tampons, toothbrush, toothpaste, tweezers, white chalk or baby powder to fix stains on the dress and a few tissues. Have a conversation with your makeup artist in advance. They usually have the best ideas for packing an emergency kit.

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