Affordable Wedding Venues

We dream about our wedding day for years and sometimes even decades. However, the budget rarely seems to meet the fantasy. Affordable wedding venues are not easy to find. If you are searching for affordable wedding venues, you will want to know this wedding trend that is making affordable dream weddings possible.

Imagine a designer coordinating and creating every element of your theme with napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, chargers, votives, and centerpieces at the location of your dreams with a price tag you can actually afford. Couples are not just renting a space with tables and chairs, they have discovered one of the most elegant and affordable wedding venues with a concept that makes the dream possible on a realistic budget.

Discovering Affordable Wedding Venues

Couples are discovering that it can be challenging to find affordable wedding venues in a time when the average cost of a wedding in the United States is just over $30,000. It sometimes involves planning a destination wedding to find the dream on the budget.

Crystal Ballroom Ocala is an elegant and all-inclusive wedding venue that is situated right in the heart of a quaint downtown square. Couples are discovering what makes Crystal Ballroom one of the most elegant and affordable wedding venues around. They have an all-inclusive package concept to deliver the entire wedding, rather than renting flowers, décor, tables, and china separately. Crystal Ballroom Ocala is not just affordable, but also one of the most unique venues around. What makes them so unique?

Crystal Ballroom Ocala is located in the small country town of Ocala. The rich culture, picturesque setting and ballroom elegance is unmatched by any other. This is not just another space, but a complete team of in-house designers that works with couples to plan, design and create the entire wedding theme from ceremony to reception. All of the design, décor, draperies, uplighting, and the Crystal Ballroom’s signature chandeliers are all included to create the wedding of your dreams.

This all-inclusive concept eliminates the need for wedding décor rentals, while creating elegance and grandeur likened to the Palace of Versailles.

Designers at Crystal Ballroom Ocala can help you plan, design and create your dream wedding at the design studio that is located inside of the venue. Couples can meet with the in-house design team and make selections from a treasure trove of décor. The full design and decoration of all the guests' tables, main tables, and ceremony space are all included.

Planning with a Budget

The first step to planning a wedding almost always begins with a budget, even when budgeting for those affordable wedding venues. The budget can be limited to just a rough number for total spending. This will help you decide how much you can spend on the dress, cake, photography, and all the other elements beyond the all-inclusive wedding venue.

The benefit of planning a wedding at all-inclusive and affordable wedding venues is that the savings enables couples to spend more on the other elements of their wedding day. Crystal Ballroom Ocala has relationships with preferred vendors to make your magical day the fairy tale it should be. Planning a wedding requires vendor connections.

Crystal Ballroom facilitates the connection between couples and trusted dress designers, tailors, wedding cake designers, officiants, caterers, photographers, DJ's, florists, and hair and makeup artists. The collaboration between vendors and the all-inclusive Crystal Ballroom makes creating the wedding of your dreams effortless.

Things to Consider

When planning a wedding, do not select a venue based solely on the price of the room. Make sure to consider the ambiance of the space, whether the location is significant and meaningful, and whether the venue is accommodating beyond the room. Affordable wedding venues can have an attractive price tag, but always make sure nothing is sacrificed in the delivery of your magical day.

There is a difference in something affordable and something cheap. This is where you will say your “I do’s” and celebrate one of the most momentous occasions of your entire life. Create a luxury experience that you can afford at Crystal Ballroom Ocala.

We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.