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Ocala Wedding Venues

If you are searching for Ocala wedding venues for the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, bring your imagination to the picturesque Crystal Ballroom Ocala. This luxurious destination wedding venue grasps the element of an elegant big city wedding venue in the middle of a historic town. Other Ocala wedding venues cannot compare to the elegance this wedding venue brings to the vintage landscape.  

Planning a destination wedding at other Ocala wedding venues can become a daunting task. Planning your dream wedding with Crystal Ballroom Ocala is made effortless by the collaboration between the wedding venue and local vendors. Crystal Ballroom creates connections with vendors to meet all of your needs beyond the all-inclusive wedding packages. Create your dream wedding at one of the most affordable Ocala wedding venues. Meet with master designers, and pick and plan your magical moments, from the colors and fabrics to the flowers and centerpieces.  Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom and create your fairy tale.


The passion for design and décor is at the heart of the Crystal Ballroom.

Destination Weddings

Turn back the hands on the clock of that old bank building to the period of 1880 to 1930. These were the beginnings of the railroad era that rolled into the roaring 20’s jazz era. Book a horse drawn carriage or a vintage car to make your unforgettable grand entrance to one of the most unique Ocala wedding venues. If you want to create the vintage feel in your wedding photography, step back in time and snap the perfect wedding photos at the old granite bank building next to the breathtakingly beautiful Crystal Ballroom Ocala. 

Late nineteenth century advertisements compared West Ocala to "New York's Harlem." It was the city district for fashionable residence with electric lights, a street railway and home to the exposition hall. Historic downtown Ocala was a growing cigar village when the exposition hall opened in 1889. The cigar village or old "Marti City" exudes the flavor of cigars and street railway romance. Step inside one of the most unique Ocala wedding venues, where you are surrounded by history in this old "Havanatown."



Nice wedding lovely decorations!


Next Level event space! Truly beautiful and Mary is top drawer!


Ocala Wedding Venues
at the Public Square

A destination wedding is all about a meaningful and unforgettable location. Step away from tradition and experience a vintage theme in Ocala wedding venues at the public square. Crystal Ballroom Ocala is situated right in the heart of this historically rich town, and right across the street from the public square, which was the original site of the 1851 courthouse.


You will find this breathtakingly beautiful destination wedding venue situated right in the heart of this little country town, and surrounded by music, nightlife, and art that takes you back in time. Make magical moments on a romantic adventure that you will never forget. You will fall in love with the location of one of the most elegant and timeless Ocala wedding venues.

Themed Ocala Wedding Venues

If you are searching for themed Ocala wedding venues, Crystal Ballroom Ocala masters the art of creating ballroom elegance and any theme your heart can imagine. This vintage spot is perfect for a Great Gatsby inspired wedding theme. Bring imagination and travel back in time to the roaring 20’s and the Jazz Age for the adventure of some dangerously exciting and classy fun.


The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest literary pieces from a period when the economy soared, as did prohibition, bootlegging, gambling, and underground clubs or speakeasies. These were the days of classy parties, the real gangster style. Throw a little mix and mingle from this jazz era into your wedding theme for a culturally artistic wedding party unlike any other. Ocala wedding venues in the heart of the historic district create the perfect backdrop to pull off The Great Gatsby or any theme of your imagination.

All-Inclusive & Fully Designed

If you are searching for affordable Ocala wedding venues for your dream wedding, look no further than Crystal Ballroom Ocala. We make dream weddings possible on a budget you never imagined. Crystal Ballroom Ocala is an all-inclusive rent a wedding concept that makes fairy tale weddings come true.


Our in-house design team and planners work with you to coordinate the elements of your table settings, napkins, linens, overlays, runners, chargers and elegant centerpieces. Select from our beautiful candelabras, vintage manzanita trees, tall floating candles, gorgeous lanterns, huge floral arrangements, and exude the fragrance of romance into your design.


Crystal Ballroom Ocala provides all the fine china and décor at your reception, including plates, water glasses, champagne flutes, silverware, chafing dishes, serving utensils, platters, Sterno fire pots, salad bowls, bread baskets, and all the accents for your desired theme.

Cocktail Hour

Experience the class of a cocktail hour at our destination wedding venue, where our formal banquet staff butler passes your hors d'oeuvres and manages your non-alcoholic beverages. Our seasoned bartender mixes and serves delectable cocktails for an impressive bar service.

Bartender service provides the freedom and flexibility to explore the opportunity of bringing your chosen beverages, whether you decide to create a specific menu or supply inventory for our bartender to apply a little creativity. Our bartenders keep beverages chilled and provide consumption control, keeping inventory and your guests safe.

Receptions at
Crystal Ballroom Ocala
Wedding Venues

Our Crystal Ballroom Ocala wedding venues stage your event from ceremony to reception. The Crystal Ballroom is designed with extravagant chandeliers, elegant furnishings and décor. Fall in love with our beautiful round organza canopy with a stunning crystal chandelier. Perfectly showcase your sweetheart or cake table. A Crystal Ballroom destination wedding venue is elegance, flexibility and affordability.

Crystal Ballroom provides all the fine china and décor at your reception, including plates, water glasses, champagne flutes, silverware, chafing dishes, serving utensils, platters, Sterno fire pots, salad bowls, bread baskets, and all the accents to make every place setting and your buffet on point. 

Indulge in the delight of our open vendor policy or choose Crystal Ballroom vendors. Simply bring your delicious cuisine, and we will manage it. Every reception is decorated to complement your extraordinary centerpieces and design choices.

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